Going Organic: Yes, it is Better for You!

So, this blog is 6 feet under, but I'm resurrecting it tonight because I just read a very misleading CBC article on organic produce. The article, which is here, questions the health benefits of organic produce, suggesting:
"[A] study — released in July 2009 — concluded that when it comes to organic produce, there is little difference in nutritional value and no evidence of added health benefits... The study concluded that while there were small differences in nutritional benefits of organic produce, they weren't enough to be of any public health relevance."
However, obviously, the health benefits that come from organic produce don't come from their increased nutritional value; they come from their not being laden with chemicals and pesticides! To suggest that benefits should be quantified in terms of the produces' "nutritional value" is as shifty as it is idiotic. The article also stated:
A University of Alberta study published in June 2007, found that organic fruit and vegetables may be better for you, but might not better for the planet. The study concludes that the greenhouse gases emitted by getting organic food to your table from distant farms outweighs the potential health benefits to you.
Somehow, the CBC has also forgotten that shipping is not unique to organic produce. Of course long-distance shipping is not great for the environment, but to imply that people should be buying non-organic foods in order to be ecologically responsible shows a lack of logic and a lack of integrity.

You can read more about the new Organic Products Regulations that were set in place in Canada on June 30, 2009 here. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the regulations... Also, if you're interested in local organic food, the 2008 guide to Organic Food in the Tri-County region is available here.

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